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Multiple year Calendar Template

Calendars can come in many forms and sizes today. Every year there are more and more different designs for a yearly calendar. But sometimes it is tedious to refer to just one year when you want to compare the different years’ information at a glance.

Hence, it is at times useful to have a multiple year calendar. A multiple year calendar can be printed physically where you can view the different years’ months, days and dates on different pages. But this physical piece can be quite limiting as it is a printed copy.

A better solution would be to have a multiple year calendar template which allows different years to be generated on the screen for your convenient perusal. You can insert the desired year in the year column of the template and view its month, date and day information easily. The information can be displayed quickly depending on the speed of your computer.

With a multiple year calendar template, you can also display the year’s information in any format you desire. Details can be displayed in large or normal prints; month by month or the whole year calendar on the screen. You can view any year in the future or in the past.

The multiple-year calendar template can display the following:

* Year

* Month

* Dates

* Day

You can put the year display on any desired background, color, designs and fonts to enhance the year details and presentations.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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