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Name Card Template

A Name card is important as it is used to contact the person. It can be a simple design where basic information about an individual is written on one side of it. It is to be distributed to people whom you want to keep in contact with, or who want to contact you.

Name cards are usually carried around by sales people who want their clients or potential customers to call them up for some business. It can also be part of the individual’s personal information to be distributed to those whom he does not meet very often, like long lost friends and business associates.

If you have moved houses, you may also want to distribute your name card for others to find you.

The Name card template can be quite simple as in a letter format:

* Your Name

* Designation / Title

* Your full (personal/company) address

* Contact information (personal/company)

* Facsimile number

* Email address

You can be creative with your personal name card as there is no restriction. You can include colors, pictures, photos, borders and whatever design you like. You can even put your motto or words of wisdom on your personal name card.

However, a business name card must follow the requirements of the company involved. You must put the company logo and name; a business name card is a formal representation of the company and its bearer must hold proper conduct with the name card when giving it out.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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