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Name Cards Template

Name cards can be of various types. In a formal situation, name cards are placed at the table for identification purposes of seating, as in a seminar, conference or even a formal dinner. Name cards used in this way assist the participants to locate their seats easily without embarrassing them in looking for a vacant seat.

Name cards can also be used to identify positions in an examination where the examination candidates are allocated a seating in the examination hall; this is done as a safety measure against communication with familiar persons in the exam.

Name cards can be utilized in exhibitions where exhibits are placed according to the names on the name cards. Name cards are also used in graduation where the graduate gives his name card to be called out to receive his graduation scroll.

Name cards can be simple with a nice design and the participant’s name. There is really nothing much on the name card besides the participant’s name and in formal business environment, participant’s job title and company name.

Hence, the components in a name card template are:

* Participant’s name

* Designation or Title

* Company Name

Some name cards can come in different colored papers for a more distinguished look or easier identification. There can be some designs on the name cards for a more pleasant presentation although it is not the usual fare for a formal name card presentation.

Different fonts and sizes can be used to make the name stand out on the card.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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