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You can meet a lot of new people every day. Name tags are especially useful and convenient at a function where you are not familiar with the crowd. They are normally used in a public conference or special seminar or trainings where there is a group of participants, who may or may not know one another.

A name tag basically contains the name and other relevant details of the participant so that easy identification can be done. It is helpful to other participants and the trainer or facilitator who may not be able to remember all the participants’ names so quickly. Name tags help to address one another quickly and break the ice in an environment that is new with unfamiliar faces.

Hence, a name tag template may contain the following components:

* Preferred Name Display of Participant

* Designation or Job Title

Some name tags include:

* Company name

* Company logo

* Event name

* Date of event

* Venue of event

A name tag can be colorful but not too much to obstruct the main components, which are the Participant’s Name and Designation.
Different fonts and sizes can be used but usually big fonts so that the information is clear and big enough to be read.

Its size is normally that of a business card or slightly bigger. It usually has a pin attached at its back for secure wearing; it can come with a lanyard nowadays.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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