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Network Proposal Template

With the advent of the Internet and the high technology wiring our lives today, companies definitely require a network to survive and thrive in the business. Hence, you will require the services of the network professionals or consultants who can wire up the office or home for your electronic gateway for information exchange.

The network service providers are specialists in the computer technology arena who know how every electronic connection is to be done to ensure the best connection to the Internet.

Hence, whether it is a new business start up or an upgrade of the business where new and advanced technology is available, the network service providers will be asked to submit a proposal on the necessary works for the office or home.

A network proposal template may contain the following sections information:

* Date of Proposal

* Service Provider’s Company Name & Address

* Service Provider’s contact information

* Client’s name & address

* Client’s contact information

* Background or brief of network service provider

* Proposed network for identified premise

* Proposed time frame for project

* Proposed charges

* References

A network proposal can be detailed with mentions of materials and resources required in the job. If it is a home network proposal, the proposal will be very simple and straightforward unless the home is big like an office.

The network proposal for a business can be quite complex as it may involve phases and high investment.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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