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A lot of people can be frequently moving houses due to new status (like marriage) or relocation due to work. Hence, there will be a change in the home address which needs to be conveyed to family, friends, and even associates.

Hence, a new address template is an important tool to assist the new homeowner to design an appropriate document that contains address information for distribution. It can be a simple piece of document that is as small as a business card.

It can be as creative as preferred by the new homeowner. The new address template can take on the following format:

* Full name of homeowner

* Designation or Title

* New address in full

* Contact number

A new address template can use the following components for better presentation:

* Pictures (of homeowner or new home)

* Colors

* Fonts

It may even have some extra headings or special notes such as:

* Our New Address

* Effective from (Date)

* You are welcome to visit!

The above notes add a special touch to the otherwise plain looking new address cards when distributed. A special note makes the recipient feels welcome to a visit while the effective from (date) information allows the recipient to contact the homeowner at the appropriate time.

The new address card functions similarly to the business card where the recipient may contact the homeowner and stay in touch. It is small enough to be mailed to your mailing list contacts.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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