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New Business Plan Template

Every company is set up to operate a profitable business. It requires to good marketing strategies and intelligent manpower to help it make profit which is reflected in its financial statement.

There are many types of financial information in the company’s financial statement which is proof of the company’s healthy business plan. It would need a exemplary marketing plan that is well executed to generate profits.

A new business plan is required when the financial figures of the company is stagnant or in the red. A new business plan template allows the company to rethink its current business plan and generate a more dynamic one for the current operations.

A new business plan template may contain:

* Company’s Name & Address

* Financial Year of Company

* Date of Presentation

* Income statement

* Revenue statement

* Balance sheet

* Total Assets

* Total Liabilities

* Shareholders’ equity

* Total equity

* Stock sheet

The income statement and balance sheets are the essential portions of a new business plan to identify the cash flow into the company and the available funds at the fiscal year end.

The balance sheet reflects the final amount after the expenses are removed from the income which gives a good view of the viability of the business. It includes the assets, liabilities and shareholder equity information.

A new business plan template allows the company to rework its strategies based on market conditions for better profit.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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