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Newsletter Design Template

A Newsletter gives information regarding some environment. There are many types of newsletter that can be published which are circulated either internally or externally such as newsletters in clubs and societies, health care, insurance, education and the like.

A newsletter must be properly designed to fit the printing media; it can be on an A4 size paper where its news articles can be in columns. The editorial team of a newsletter must work together to decide on the best format for the newsletter desired to interest its readers.

A newsletter design can include the positioning of the articles, pictures, borders or patterns, quotations and charts or diagrams which can impact the newsletter and the readers’ interest.

The newsletter design also requires consideration of its title, volume number, organization, logo and editorial team information.

A newsletter design template can contain the following components’ positioning:

* Organization name and logo

* Newsletter name

* Different Fonts

* Pictures

* Colors

* Article title

* Date of article

* Name of article author

* Number of columns

* Graphs, charts and tables

* Quotations

The above categories in the newsletter may change the newsletter design depending on the different issue of the newsletter. Hence, the editorial team is required to work on the newsletter design for every newsletter to be published.

There are many publishing software tools which can be used to publish a good newsletter by manipulating the design tools on the newsletter design.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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