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A Newsletter is a very informative piece of document that is circulated either internally or externally in an environment. A newsletter is, as it’s termed, news in a letter form but not as formal as in a letter.

It is usually in an A4 sized paper which could be in a thin booklet of several pages, depending on the amount of contents to be published. A newsletter template has the company name or newsletter title at the top before the bottom or body is reserved for news and updates with regards to the company information, such as new products, reviews, testimonials, breakthroughs in technologies related to company products, and other informative data.

A newsletter can be given a special name to give it an identity related to the company. The company logo can be present at the header. There can be different fonts used in the various articles at the body of the newsletter.

A newsletter template can contain the following components:

* Company name and logo

* Newsletter name

* Different Fonts

* Pictures

* Colors

The newsletter template can be divided into columns for a better presentation of information.

The body of the newsletter template may contain the following information:

* Article title

* Date of article

* Author of article

* References

* Contact information of author

The above information in the newsletter allows the reader to identify with the author of the article as well as allows contacting the author for comments if necessary.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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