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Note Card Template

Note cards are very useful pieces of paper for various functions. They may be simple and small, usually in pocket sizes but they can contain important information.

Note cards are usually used to write a message for another person. It can be a plain pocket size paper that you write on and pass to the intended recipient.

Some note cards can have a sticky back to allow it to stick to a surface so that it will not fly away and hence, the message will not be conveyed. A sticky note card draws the attention of the recipient when it is strategically positioned.
Note cards can be colorful and attractive with pictures; watermarks are best so that the message is not ‘absorbed’ by the picture. Formal note cards have the person’s basic information, like name and title, pre-printed or notes like ‘From the desk of…’

Note cards are a great way to leave a note or short message or reminder to the recipient. It is usually an informal piece of information intended for one recipient.

The Note card template can be quite simple with the following components:

* Pre-printed information as desired

* Name

* Designation / Title

* Color

* Design

A note card can be attached to some document with brief instructions and reminders so that the recipient of the document will know how to carry out the required task effectively.

Bulk messages can be pre-printed on note cards for standard distribution.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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