Note Templates

Note Template

Notes are very useful pieces of information that one takes down for various purposes. A student takes down important notes during a lecture for his knowledge and test preparation; a receptionist takes down notes or a message for another colleague who is not available; a doctor writes down his medication prescription as notes to his patient. There are many occasions where notes are taken down for future references in case our memory fails us.

Hence, notes are important. It may be some scribble numbers but it could be your identification or bank account number. Some notes can be on small pieces of paper while you can have notes on A4 sizes which can be filed away neatly. Notes taken down should be legible. It is better if notes are typed and printed for better legibility.

Hence, notes are usually pieces of information in the form of messages, reminders, and data that is useful to someone. It could be some words of encouraging to another.

Notes can be placed on any type of writing material. It can be on plain paper, colored or lined paper depending on preference and availability. Notes usually comprise words rather than pictures.

A Note template is then very simple with the following components:

* Plain paper

* Lined

* Words

It is up to the individual in how to generate his notes. Colored pens used to take notes will generate a better effect than pencils.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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