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Nurse Auditor Template

Nursing has always been a noble profession but with the high demand of quality in the nursing industry, a nurse auditor is a well sought professional. A nurse auditor needs to be well versed with the nursing medical terms and environment with a preferred span of experience. A nurse auditor is important in ensuring the standard of medical care applied by nurses to their patients.

A nurse auditor needs to be familiar with clinical audit program to be supportive of the hospitals’ clinical audit governance objectives. A nurse auditor needs to work closely with clinical audit leads and service managers to deliver such related results in the specific timeframe. The objective is to suggest or recommend improved nursing programs.

A nurse auditor must also be familiar with budgets, policies and procedures related to nursing care in any healthcare environment. She is involved in management issues. She should be well versed of the changes in the nursing industry to make the relevant recommendations to enhance the nursing industry.

A nurse auditor must be fair with a high level of integrity while performing her role.

A nurse auditor resume template may have the following information:

* Nurse Auditor’s personal information

* Career Objective

* Nursing & Auditing Qualifications

* Nursing & Auditing Experiences

* Career Achievements

* Special assignments and responsibilities

* Types of healthcare & audit environment exposure

* Trainings undertaken

* Recommended nursing improvements

* Recommended audit programs

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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