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Nursing Aide Resume Template

Nursing is a noble profession but there is usually a lack of qualified nurses. Hence, nursing aides are instrumental in filling up the vacancies temporarily. Nursing aides are temporary medical helpers in a medical environment. They can be nursing trainers who are undergoing a nursing program and come in as a nursing aide at the hospital for their practical. Nursing aides may not have much experience but they should have sufficient medical knowledge and enthusiasm to perform the job well. They serve to assist the RN, matrons and doctors with trivial medical procedures such as recording patient’s medical information on their charts, handle certain medical equipments, bathe or clean a wound or patient and assist in patient movement.

Nursing aides could also be retired nurses who are called in to assist when there is an emergency at the healthcare environment with lots of patients. A nursing aide must be alert and quick to respond to any emergency situation with calm and correctness.

He/she must always perform according to the instructions of their superiors to avoid wrong medical care issued. A nursing aide must be a willing learner to be equipped with the latest medical procedure or equipment to be a better aide.

A nursing aide resume template may contain:

* Nursing aide’s personal information

* Career Objective

* Nursing Qualifications

* Nursing Experiences

* Career Achievements

* Medical areas of interests

* Research interests

* Trainings undertaken

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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