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Nursing Practitioner Resume Template

Nursing is a noble profession but there is usually a lack of qualified nurses. Hence, nursing practitioners are well respected as they assist doctors and surgeons in a medical environment.

They must be well trained in nursing and can handle various tasks such as first point contact for patients, history taking of patients, a simple physical examination, problem solving on medical issues and good clinical decision making.

Nursing practitioners must be trained and well versed in prescribing safe and appropriate medication for the patients according to the legislative framework. Good patient care is essential and practiced by nursing practitioners.

They need to have good communication and people skills as they liaise frequently with the patients and their families in on-going medical support and care.

Nursing practitioners must be friendly and patient to offer holistic medical and administrative support to their patients and families. They can be called to promote health and wellness through health promotions and educations.

Nursing practitioners can be found in hospitals, clinics, hospices or nursing homes. They are trained to develop, implement and update individualized nursing care plans and reports for their patients. They need to collaborate with the attending physicians on the progress of their patients.

A nursing practitioner resume template may contain:

* Nursing practitioner’s personal information

* Career Objective

* Nursing Qualifications

* Nursing Experiences

* Medical care environments

* Career Achievements

* Medical areas of interests

* Research interests

* Trainings undertaken

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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