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Nursing Resume Template

Nursing is one of the oldest professions. Those who aspire to be a nurse must have a patient demeanor and strong determination to assist others less fortunate in health.

A nurse requires proper medical training that enables her to assist the doctor with the medical tasks and procedures in a medical environment. A nurse needs to have sufficient medical exposure in the medical or healthcare industry. Nurses must have a focused mind and inner strength to face any medical emergencies and not be faint hearted on bloody scenarios or anxious moments. They must remain calm and quick to make effective medical decisions during critical moments.

A nurse must be caring and sympathetic with the right words of comfort for the patients. She must also be alert to the situation in her work environment to be useful to the patients and doctors. Nurses need to work in shifts; hence, they must be willing to forsake their own comfort to make their patients comfortable. They need to be cooperative with the doctors as well as their peers to run the medical facility smoothly. They need to work well together to ensure that all medical procedures are carried out correctly to the patients’ wellness.

A nursing resume template may have the following information:

* Nurse’s personal information

* Career Objective

* Nursing Qualifications

* Nursing Experiences

* Career Achievements

* Special assignments and responsibilities

* Trainings undertaken

* Types of medical environment exposure

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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