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Office Business Card Template

An office business card is an important tool for any businessperson. It may be a small piece of document but contains important contact information that can bring in revenue to the company. It is a contact point for the businessperson by the customers. It is freely given out to potential customers who may contact the business person for possible sales or purchase of goods and services.

Most office business cards tend to be cleanly designed to avoid cluttering of the important information as the most important pieces of information to be stated on the office business cards are:

* Name of cardholder

* Designation or Title

* Company Name

* Company Address

* Company Contact Number

Most office business cards have their company logo at the top left or right corners, which could be in color.

A standard font is preferred for the information stated on the card for professionalism and clarity.

The Company address is normally stated in full as in the mailing address, complete with postcode and country. The Company contact number may include the telephone contact as well as the facsimile lines. These should also include the country or state codes to facilitate contact. These numbers allow the company to be contacted by a potential customer instead of just the business card holder, who may be out of the office.

Nowadays, some business cards list the cell phone number of the card holder.

The office business card is usually a pocket size piece for easy portability in the wallet or pocket of businessmen.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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