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Office Inventory Template

An Office inventory is important in any business to identify the items or equipment that is present and available for the smooth functioning of the business at the office. Normally, the office administrator would do a stock check or inventory listing of the business items once or twice a year. This exercise allows a replenishment of the office supplies such as stationery, paper, furniture or even snacks and beverages, if the office supplies.

An office inventory template can have the following information:

* Department

* Department Head & Contact

* Date of Inventory Check

* Inventory Facilitator

* Approved by

The above header information is to identify the place and persons-in-charge for this inventory exercise so that there is accountability as well as for reporting purposes.

The body of an office inventory template can have various columns, such as:

* Item number

* Category

* Item name

* Description of item

* Model

* Quantity Purchase

* Quantity Remain

* Date of purchase

* Original Value

* Depreciation

* Notes

Subtotals, where appropriate, would be included to give a financial value to the inventory present. The Notes column is to allow the facilitator to make comments with regards to the inventory, such as ‘to be upgraded’ for further action to be taken against that inventory.

Some office inventory checklist may include photos of the inventory for distinction of items in the office. An inventory checklist helps the organization to minimize pilferages and abuse of office equipment.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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