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Office Labels Template

An office has many types of stationery; besides the letterheads, pre-printed forms and notepads, there are also business cards and office labels. An office label is usually used to label the products of the company for identification purposes. It can be labeled on the containers or boxes where the company products are placed in.

Usually an office label is a pre-printed piece of information displaying the company name and address but it can also display the product code and name. An office label does not have too much space for a lot of information to be contained; hence, only important and relevant information can be included.

An office label template is useful in making the necessary changes to a label for different products marketed by the company at different times.

An office label template can contain information such as:

* Company Name

* Company Address

* Company Contact Number

* Product code & name

A standard font is preferred for the information stated on the office label for professionalism and clarity. There may be some border designs or subtle icons on the office label if the company is in creative arts. It is usually a sticker piece which can be pasted on any company documents or products for identification purposes.

Some office labels can be bigger in sizes or various shapes to convey the right action or identification such as ‘Fragile’ or “handle with care” with company and product name.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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