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Office Memo Template

An Office Memo is an internal circular of information from the organization’s authority to its staff. It could be a company wide announcement or a departmental memo.

The office memo template may take on the following format:

* Company Name and Logo

* Internal MEMO

* To:

* From:

* C.C.

* Date:

* Subject:

The header portion lists the intended recipients of the memo at the ‘TO:’ section, with the sender’s name at the ‘FROM:’ section. There is a ‘C.C.’ section where other authorities are kept informed of the memo contents; C.C. refers to ‘carbon copy’ which includes names of people who should be kept in the loop with the memo information. The Date section refers to the date which the office memo is sent out. The Subject or Reference section lists out the objective or topic of the office memo.

The office memo template’s body refers to the information that the sender wants to convey to its recipients.

There is no signature required in an office memo as the sender’s name is listed at the header. An office memo is usually precise in its contents. It is usually sent out to convey some updated information to the staff on a ‘to know’ basis. If clarifications are required, the staff will need to revert to the sender personally or with a mail. Questions arising from an office memo are treated similarly as with clarifications required. Hence, there is no necessity to reply to an office memo.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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