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Officer Resume Template

An officer can be referred to as army personnel of a high ranking. He functions like a manager in an office but in the army environment. He is in charge of the army office operations which include communications, planning and operations. He has to liaise with many types of people in and out of the army office. He needs to be able to give instructions and directions to his battalion for training in discipline and commitment while planning strategies for the welfare of the country.

An office must be well qualified for his post. He must have been trained to handle the responsibilities that come with the post. He needs the right skills and knowledge with a strong character to get things done at the office. He is a leader and motivator.

An office will come with experience as he is moved up the ranks in the army for his good performance in the field. His wide experience will enable him to make the right decisions on office matters.

An officer is concerned about the safety of the country and serves to uphold the integrity of his country through good integrity, commitment, dedication and attitude. He is also analytical, brave, quick with sound decisions and have foresight on the situation.

An officer resume template may contain:

* Officer’s personal information

* Qualifications

* Field experience

* Skills and attitude

* Areas of expertise

* Awards and accolades

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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