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Online Invoice Template

Online invoices are invoices that are generated online for every transaction performed by any business. They may look exactly like a physical invoice which will allow the originator convenience in issuing the invoices. Recipients of online invoices will accept the validity of the online invoice when it notes the reference number of the invoice to the transaction it relates to.

Online invoices are very beneficial to all parties as they are eco-friendly; no paper is used in the business transaction. Both parties can store the electronic copy for as long as they like depending on availability of space.

An online invoice will list all important information of the transaction that will ensure payment with verification to avoid future dispute. An office invoice could be made out for goods sold or services rendered..

An online invoice template displays the following types of information:

* Company’s name and logo

* Company’s full mailing address & contact number

* Customer’s full name

* Customer’s full address and contact information

* Invoice Number

* Delivery Order Number Reference

* Customer’s Identification Code

The body of the office invoice template records:

* Quantity of Items sold/purchased

* Item number

* Description/Explanation

* Unit Price

* Line Total

* Due Date for Payment

* Mode of Payment (Terms: 30 days, Cash)

* Check payable to (Company name)

* Shipping & Handling

* Terms and conditions

There is no need for a physical signature for online invoices which are computer generated.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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