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Organization Chart Template

To function well, an organization must be well structured. There must be clear lines of reporting at all times, from the top to the bottom. As the organization grows, the line of reporting is very essential and crucial to the good health of the company. Order must be established to enable the staff to work cohesively in good cooperation, with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and job scopes.

Hence, all organizations should have an organization chart.

An organization chart is a diagram showing the hierarchy of the company from the highest authority to the lowest level staff, with various departments and their corresponding heads.

An organization chart is usually displayed depth-wise to register the line of authority in a company. It can be quite complicated in larger organizations where there are many sections and departments, such as production, marketing, administration, human resource, customer service, research and development. There may be many titles used to depict the various authorities assigned to head a section or department with assistants and line workers. Hence, it is up to an organization how it wants to generate its organization chart.

An organization chart template can include:

* Company Name & Logo

* Date

* Department

* Personnel Name & Title

* Links to indicate ‘Reporting to’

An organization chart is fluid; it can change as the years go by depending on the ‘health’ of the company. Hence, the diagram can expand or contract where some departments can be included or removed.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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