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OSHA 300 log Template

In any work environment, accidents may happen although it is undesirable. It is impossible to avoid accidents all the time; the best one can do is to take all the necessary steps of precaution to prevent an accident from happening at the workplace or while an employee is at work.

The OSHA 300 form or log is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration form that is a standard requirement in many countries, especially the United States of America. Every business is required to submit an OSHA 300 log according to the calendar year.

Since it is an official government required document, it must be administered correctly. The organization would need to fill in all injuries, illnesses, loss of consciousness of employees, and lost work days cases in the OSHA log. Good record keeping is crucial on your employees with regards to accidents and incidents.

An OSHA 300 log template will have:

* Case/incident number

* Affected Employee name & job title

* Place of incident

* Description of incident

* Death

* Days absent from work

* Job Transfer

* Alternative work arrangement

* Number of days (where work is restricted)

* Type of incident – injury or illness

* Total

* Establishment information, such as man hours, address, SIC code

There is a strict deadline in filling up and submitting an OSHA 300 form.

It must be submitted every year; hence, once you have a good and accurate copy, you can generate the next year’s copy easily if the yearly incidents are kept track of immediately.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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