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Packing Slips Template

When a purchase is made, the order is usually shipped to the recipient or buyer as soon as the products are available. A fast delivery gives a better impression of the company’s service and professionalism.

A packing slip is an important piece of document that goes with the products to be shipped to the customer. It is an acknowledgement of the goods or products sent listing the shipment items. Hence, all the details about the products to be sent are listed on the packing slip for the recipient to counter check upon receipt. This is good accountability between the sender and recipient which fosters better work relationships such as trust and integrity.

A packing slip template is useful in generating similar products listing for multiple vendors or customers from the same supplier source. It speeds up the delivery system of the sender as different types of data can be changed quickly using the template such as recipient information and product/goods data.

A packing slip template header can record the following information:

* Title

* Company Name & Full Address

* Customer Name & Full Address

* Customer contact information

The body of the packing slip template should include:

* Item Delivered

* Date of Delivery

* Description of items delivered

* Item Serial number

* Ordered quantity

* Shipped quantity

The bottom of the packing slip can include reminders or acknowledgement response from the recipient upon accepting the delivery.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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