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Parent Newsletter Template

Newsletters are published to convey important and informative write ups to a targeted group of readers. There are many environments which publish newsletters for their own community for keeping in touch.

Similarly in the school environment, the school would publish a parent newsletter where the parents are updated on the general school news and school agenda. School events can also be noted in a parent newsletter besides some parenting tips and advice. Parents can also contribute some newsworthy articles to the parent newsletter to make the read more interesting and appropriate. Class photos and high achiever student photos can also be included to give the parents a sense of pride on the good performance of their children.

A parent newsletter may display the school’s name and newsletter title at the top; they can be designed in various forms and structures with the latest news, reviews, testimonials, awards, upcoming events, agenda, and other happenings at the school depending on the editorial team.

A parent newsletter can be published on a regular basis: quarterly, half yearly or yearly to keep the parents updated on the school events and students’ progress.

A parent newsletter template can contain the following components:

* Publisher’s name and logo

* Newsletter name

* Different Fonts

* Pictures

* Colors

The body of the newsletter template may contain the following information:

* Article title

* Date of article

* Author of article

* References

* Contact information of author

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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