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Parents Contact Log Template

In any school environment, it is important to have parents’ contact so that the parents can be contacted in case of accidents or emergencies at the school or with regards to the students.

The school usually requires the parents of its students to list down their contact information such as parent’s name, relationship, contact number, and even address. There could be more than one parent’s name and contact or even more than one contact number for a parent, as parents may be at work.

It is important to update the school on any change of contact number or address so that the parents can be contacted immediately. A school may also practice regular contacts with the parents to update the parents on the progress of their children verbally besides written contact.

Hence, a parent contact log is to record when the school contacted the parent and for what purpose. Information that may be record in a parents contact log template can include:

* Parent’s name

* Parent’s contact

* Date of contact

* Contact person

* Reason for contact

* Outcome of contact

* Follow up action/decision

* Requested by

The above information allows the school to note the students who are problematic or underperforming, as that is usually the reason for contacting a parent personally.

From the parents contact log, a report can be generated for school or PTA meetings. This type of log allows the school to improve its service to the students and parents.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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