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Partnership Proposal Template

A proposal is very important for any organization that wants to achieve its objective. There are many kinds of proposal that an organization may take on.

A partnership proposal is one where two organizations come on board and agree on a common objective. It is a sign of partnership or an agreement to work together to accomplish a task agreed upon.

A partnership proposal can be based on any agreed task. It comprises the understanding and agreement of the task identified where both parties are willing to commit to its success. It states the background and brief of each partner organization so that its involved parties are clearly represented. It states the key findings that form the heart of the proposal which encompasses the objectives of the partnership. It lists out the strategies that are directed to achieve the stated objectives.

A partnership proposal does not end with that; it should also state evaluation plans or actions to check on the progress of the partnership. It must have a partnership task force set up with its responsibilities identified and checked on accountability. A time commitment schedule is laid out where meetings and reports are required from the action plans of the committee.

The partnership proposal template may have the following components:

* Organizations’ Name & Logo

* Background and brief on organizations

* Key findings to support partnership

* Partnership objectives

* Task force & responsibilities

* Time Schedule

* Authority signatories

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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