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Party Planner Template

A Party is a time of excitement and celebration in conjunction to some special event in a person’s life. A Party planner is an important tool in assisting the party facilitator to organize a great and successful party. There are many aspects to a smooth flowing party. The event organizer needs to track many areas which need careful and detailed attention.

Hence, a party planner template has a few sections to ensure that nothing is missed out in its preparations for a great party.

The template can include:

* Theme of Party

* VIP(s)

* Guests

* Venue, Time & Date

* Music & Entertainment

* Food & Drinks

* Decorations

* Special events

Depending on the theme of the party, there are many aspects to plan and check for a great party.

Besides noting the VIPs in the party, guests must confirm their presence to the party. This section requires the following columns:

* Guest name

* Invitation Sent

* Confirmation (RSVP)

* Number of pax in under this guest

It may be an eventful party where live entertainment or piped in music is a requirement. Hence, this section notes:

* Types of music / entertainment

* Time of performance

* Budget & Payment

Food and drinks are important at a party to feed the guests or to make merry. This section takes note of the:

* Types of food & drinks

* Caterer / Persons-in-charge

* Delivery

* Budget & Payment

There may be a special request for some specific decorations or special performances according to the theme.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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