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Personal Letter Template

Letters are a great way to keep in touch with anyone you have contact with but who may not be personally around you. Letters allow you to express yourself freely on any topic. A letter can be formal or informal.

Informal letters are usually on a more casual basis, written to family and friends; those whom you are very close to. These are called personal letters.

A Personal Letter is a note given from the heart to the recipient. Its contents can be anything that is not work or business related. It can be written anytime and anywhere to someone whom you are familiar with but who is far away.

A personal letter is usually an expression of the heart; it could be an expression of gratitude for the assistance rendered or a request of a favor required of the recipient. Hence, the format of the personal letter can be quite informal as you are very familiar with the recipient.

A personal letter template takes on the following format, like a letter.

* Sender’s Name & Address

* Date

* Recipient’s Name & Address

* Greetings

* Contents

* Final Salutations

* Signature

Since personal letters are informal, you can use local lingo or terms of endearment in its contents for a more personal approach which are appreciated by the recipient. Personal letters can be long or short; there is no limit to its length or the type of contents.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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