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A Personal template can be used for a personal monthly budget where an individual can keep track of his/her monthly finances. It is a good template to use as it assists the individual in keeping to his budget and cash flow. This will help avoid overspending and getting into unnecessary debt.

A personal monthly budget template can have the following sections to record the necessary information to monitor monthly status of your finances:

* Total

* Income

* Expenses

* Finance Payments

* Fixed Expenses

* Household expenses

Each of the above sections record the details pertaining to the budgeted and actual finance figures.

The Total section records the revenue and expenses total figures to give the income minus expenses figures.

The Income section records all possible revenue recordings from various jobs.

The Expenses section notes down areas where the cash flow is impacted, such as withholding tax, medical, or dental expenses that are not frequent.

The Finance payment section lists the various loans that require repayment such as car loan, credit cards, personal loans or housing loan.

The Fixed Expenses section records items that incur cash flow such as savings, fixed deposits, or rental. The Household expenses section tracks daily needs such as clothing, food or any other basic household necessities.

Each section may have the following columns to record detailed information:

* Budgeted figures

* Actual figures


* Notes

These columns allow the user to record and track how each section is being utilized as the month goes by.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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