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There may be many issues in life that one may not be happy with; but there may be some avenues of expression available to forward your dissatisfaction. Sometimes, the municipal council may set some local regulations which are not satisfactory to the residents such as change in traffic flow, raise in tariffs or new parking regulations. Such community issues can be challenged by the community through the resident association which can forward a petition of appeal to the council against the proposal.

A petition is a garner of support against the issue at hand; signatures are collected on a piece of paper which registers the supporter’s name and address, comments and opinions on the issues which can include suggestions, solutions and alternatives, and the date which the support is signed.

A petition can change the regulation if enough support is garnered to express the community’s vote against the council’s decision or proposal of some regulation. It is a peaceful demonstrative action of garnering support against some issue to have the people’s voice heard.

A petition template contains the following columns of information:

* Petition Summary

* Petition Background

* Statement of Petition

* Supporter’s Name & Address

* Date

* Comments

* Signature

There is always a champion for the petition. Usually an association is involved in a petition activity which is concerned over some community issue and wants a change through a peaceful avenue. A petition can be effective.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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