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PhD Proposal Template

There is never an end to learning; getting a degree after another is just a formality to the depth of learning that can take place. A PhD proposal is written by a PhD candidate after completing or in the midst of his Masters program where he is keen to move further into his identified field of research.

A PhD program allows him to delve deeper into his area of study to make new or confirm scientific or technological discoveries and theories. A PhD candidate needs to write in to a prestigious learning institution on his desired intention to pursue a PhD program.

The PhD proposal must be formally written although it can be short and precise. It addresses the main issue of his intention to indulge in a specific field of research at the applied learning institution under the guidance of great tutors and professors with possibly some sponsorship.

The PhD proposal contents include the field of study from a particular time with an estimated duration of research under a particular expert in the learning institution. The objective of the study should be clearly stated for a board consideration before he is accepted into the desired program.

A PhD proposal template can have:

* Candidate’s name & identification

* Learning Institution’s Name

* Teaching Faculty Department

* Title of Research

* Objective and Purpose of Research title

* Background for research

* Commencement date

* Research methodology

* Proposed schedule

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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