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Phone Call Log Template

A telephone is an important asset in today’s electronic world, besides the computer. The telephone allows contact to be made between two parties. Businesses handle a lot of calls daily in their operation. A receptionist or telephone operator is hired solely to man the phone in a big organization.

Phone calls mean business to the organization; hence, their rings are important. The calls must be picked up quickly and attended to politely so that the caller will not only get a good impression of the company but will also be more inclined to patronize the company on its products and services.

Hence, the receptionist or telephone operator needs to know how to handle incoming calls.

A phone call log records important information for the company to track the types of calls it receive; it can be an enquiry on the company’s products or services, a complaint, a feedback, communication between business associates and most importantly, closure on a business deal.

A phone call log template can have:

* Company Name & Address

* Caller’s Name & Address

* Caller’s Contact information

* Date of Call

* Call number

* Taken by (receptionist)

* Type of call

* Response

* Length of call

A phone call log can provide a lot of information to the company for improvement on its image, reputation, products and services. Some phone call logs can employ automatic records of all calls and the duration of the calls.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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