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Even as telephone is an important asset in our electronic world today, many a times it can be abused. There may be unsolicited calls or obscene phone calls which can be frustrating to the recipient, especially when it happens in the middle of the night or during peak office hours.

Organizations function to transact businesses for survival and unsolicited calls can hinder their phone lines from being connected to by genuine callers. Hence, companies tend to adopt a phone system that can register the incoming calls to combat this unfavorable occurrence.

A phone log is a good tool for the company to register unwanted incoming calls that rob the company’s precious time and phone lines for genuine business callers.

A phone log template can register:

* Date of call

* Time of call

* Duration of call

* Caller information

* Caller’s number

* Taken by (receptionist)

* Type of call

* Response

There are many types of phone calls which the log should register accurately for the most appropriate action to be taken.

It could be:

* Harassment


* Threatening

If more information about the phone call can be recorded, it would be easier to track the caller and take harsher action against the caller, such as:

* Gender

* Background noise (for identification of venue)

* Speech

* Voice

* Pronunciation of caller

Sometimes, it could be an internal caller in a big organization which can be traced easily.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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