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Photography Invoice Template

Photography is not just a hobby to many who use their skills to bring in some income. There are many professional photographers today who love their job as a photographer. There are many types of photographs that one may capture as a hobby or as a professional, such as still art, weddings, celebrations, business functions, concerts, and the like.

If you are a professional photographer, you will need to charge your clients for your photography skills and services, products and resources.

With the advancement of technology, photography can be taken to another level where the computer is used to enhance the camera photos and edited to better pieces. Pictures can be converted to virtual reality, interactive multimedia, motion pictures, videos, and others using the right electronic equipment. The electronic equipment involved in such production is expensive but they are still taken as an investment to professional photographers. Hence, a photograph session or service needs to be charged to cover the investment, if not profit.

A photography invoice template would contain the following information:

* Company Name & Logo

* Company Address & Contact

* Photographer’s Name

* Client’s Name & Address

* Client’s Contact Information

* Invoice Number

* Billing Date

* Quantity

* Item

* Description

* Price

* Sub-Total

* Delivery

The client may be asked to make payment according to the instructions at the bottom of the invoice such as “Please make check out to <Company Name>” or “Thank you for your business”.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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