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Place Card Template

A place card may be a small piece of paper but it is an important piece of paper at an important event or function, especially where seating is necessary.

A place card is a simple card piece with the person’s name on it. It is to identify the seating or position of a person involved in some ceremony or event. It is helpful to the person participating in the event so that no embarrassment is caused over wrong seating arrangements or leave the important guests standing at a function.

Place cards are usually prepared well before the function happens, and when the guests have confirmed their attendance to the function or event. The place cards are strategically placed to assist the guests in identifying their positions at the function.

Place cards can be simple with just the name and some decoration. The template is dependent on the type of function. The place card template can be colorful, decorative with pictures or images and words of different fonts and sizes.

It is up to the creator of the place card to be as creative as they like on the place cards, usually depending on the occasion. Place cards can be used in weddings, parties, business functions, official ceremonies, graduation, awards and accolade ceremonies, prize giving awards and many other types of function which require an orderly seating or positioning of the participants in the event.

Place cards are usually put on the table or chair.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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