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Place Card Template

A place card is often used for identification purposes; it may be a small piece of paper but it is important at any important event or function, especially where seating identification or positioning is necessary.

A place card can be just a simple card piece with the person’s name or some piece of important information on it. That piece of information can be anything that is of value or importance to that particular setting. It could be the name of an item to identify it as in a store; or the name of an ingredient in a recipe demonstration.

Place cards are usually prepared before the function or event begins. It is a sign of preparation and order for the event to happen smoothly. Place cards are usually simple with just a word or so. As its name, it is purposed to be placed at its intended location for identification. It can be colorful, decorative and attractive while being clear on its content to achieve its purpose.

Place cards can be used in many occasions that require identification of matter or persons such as weddings, ceremonies, events, activities and other happenings. They can be used for identifying places, location, items, events, things, objects and position.

Place cards are usually of a reasonable size for placement and legibility.

A place card template may have:

* Name of item to be identified

* Colors

* Pictures

* Designs

Place cards are prepared by the organizers.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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