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Policies and Rules Template

In any business, there are always rules and regulations to govern the smooth running of its operation. It is advisable for any business to have its set of policies and rules available as a guide to its operation.

A company’s policies and rules will differ from business to business; company to company. Policies and rules can be impacted by the state legislature as well. There are many aspects to be considered when it comes to setting up the policies and rules of a business.

It could be an internal company policy and rule statement for the employees alone, with regards to work ethics and responsibilities. Each department could also have its own policies and rules especially in the production and distribution sector where certain terms and conditions must be adhered to in order for a smooth flow of processes in the industry.

There may be policies and rules in the sales and marketing department with regards to the handling of customers and complaints. Policies and rules should be established to ensure a smooth flow of operations although changes may happen to keep up with the times.

A policies and rules template is usually wordy and dependent on the organization in its formation. It can contain:

* Company name & address

* Scope of policy

* Clauses

* Conditions

* Terms of reference

The Policies and Rules template is useful to allow the participating group to be aware of the conditions imposed by the organization.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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