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Policy Memo Template

An organization may face many issues that need to be addressed quickly and properly; then, its decisions and policies must be conveyed to its staff for understanding and buy in to avoid any hiccups to the flow of processes or operation. Hence, a policy memorandum is important to convey the necessary as a useful notification to the employees on the stand of the management as of a certain date.

A policy memorandum, or memo for short, is made when the organization is impacted in a certain area. It could be a change in the marketing policy due to the changes of consumer needs identified. The organization would meet to discuss such issues before conveying their decision on the changes with a policy memo to its staff for their understanding and cooperation.

A policy memo is usually straightforward to its intention and objective. It is meant to execute its planned actions immediately for results to be reaped. There is usually an effective date where the policy takes effect. A policy memo template may take on the following format:

* Company Name and Logo


* To:

* From:

* C.C.

* Date:

* Subject:

* Issue on hand

* Issue background

* Policy enforcement

* Policy statement

* Policy procedure

* Policy consequences

* Date of effect

* Reporting Requirement

* References

A policy memo contents may change according to the need and objectives of the organization as directed by the management.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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