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Positioning Statement Template

A positioning statement is very much like a mission and vision statement of a company to identify its core business values for greater efficiency.

Businesses function very different today than yesterday; the stiff competition keeps them alert to the way business is being performed as the corporate authority keeps looking at ways to improve their business operations.

A positioning statement allows the company to express the efficiency, business visibility and independence on various components that affect the business such as: objective, goals, operations, productivity and current issues.

The goals and objectives must be identified clearly which should also be achievable for the company. They are to assist the company in progressing to another level in their business.

A positioning statement spells out what the company business is all about and how to go about it by all involved parties. This will enable a united working community to achieve the stated goals and objectives.

Current issues can be identified and evaluated on effectiveness and efficiency before considering better solutions to be adopted. Case studies can be considered to pick up a lesson or two for greater ideas.

A positioning statement template can have the following components of information:

* Company Name & Address

* Vision statement

* Positioning statement

* Value Proposition

* Key messages

* Proof points

For every value proposition, you can consider:

* Efficiency

* Business visibility

* Independence

Certain software tools can be incorporated to work the positioning statement.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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