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Post Card Template

Post cards are great pieces of information that one likes to send or receive when away from home. A post card is a great way to drop a few lines on your whereabouts to keep your loved ones informed.

It is used to convey some short but important pieces of information about yourself, place, event or any matter. It is a small piece of hard paper that sports a lovely picture on one side with writing space on the other with the addressee information. The front of the post card can have any picture you like. Off the shelf post cards usually showcase places of interest although there are many witting and cute pictures available for your choosing. You can often find a picture that reflects your mood or intention.

The back of the post card is often in two sections; one half is used for the message and the other for the addressee information with the top right for affixing the stamp.

A post card template may have:

* Front portion

* Colors

* Pictures

* Designs

* Back portion

* Message on the left hand side

* Addressee name and address on the right hand side

* Place to affix stamp on the top right

A post card can be sent from any where to any where as long as the address is legible and valid. Private information should not be written on the post card.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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