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Press Release Template

A lot of events happen every minute in the world. It is not only the political and business scenes that are very active in the mass media arena; there can be personal and scientific achievements which require some shouting out to the public.

These achievements or declarations can be done via a press release which is a statement via the mass media to inform the public of some outstanding news. However, news is relative to an individual. There many be news that are interesting to one but not to another.

A press release could include celebrities’ weddings and divorces, political struggles and achievements of politicians as well as personal achievements such as anniversaries and births. A press release is usually an advertorial placed in the newspaper of your choice to inform or declare the issue that you want to be made publicly known.

A press release template may take on the following format:

* Issuer’s name & designation

* Objective of press release

* Title of press release

* Event

* Date, Time & Venue

* Contact person(s)

* Details of issue

Different types of information will be included in different types of press release. Most press releases are in news format where the information to be made public are written like a news article for public reading.

It could be a small column (usually for a personal press release) or a half or full page advertorial depending on the issue to be declared.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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