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Printable Label Template

Labels are very useful pieces of information that are important to businesses which have a lot of items to be identified. Hence, when a company ships out its products, it will need to make use of labels which are pasted on top of its products or boxes that hold the products.

Businesses would use printable labels to save them time and effort in rewriting the same information on each label for hundreds of products or packages.

Printed labels also have the advantage of being neat and professional looking, hence enhancing the image of the company sending the product or package. Printable labels are flexible as the contents can be adjusted when there are changes such as product type or serial number.

Printable labels are also easily saved for later use as they are stored in the memory of the computer or printing device. There are many advanced printing devices today to assist the business in its operation.

A printable label template can have the following components:

* Sender’s name & address

* Sender’s contact number

* Recipient’s name and address

* Recipient’s contact number

* Product name

* Product serial number

* Quantity

Usually the full addresses are given with “SENDER” and “RECEIVER” clearly stated so that proper identification can be made as well as easy returns of product or package if it is undelivered.

Sometimes, there are certain caution statements on the printable labels; for example, if the product is breakable, the caution “Fragile” can be printed on the label.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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