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Private Car Sale Receipt Template

With the poor economy, people would tend to sell off their cars privately than to buy a new car. It is not only cheaper but also convenient as you can note the condition of the car and test drive before you purchase.

But as with all transactions, it is best to have a receipt with the successful sale. Hence, when a private car is sold from seller to buyer, the seller should issue a receipt to the buyer to confirm the sale. Sometimes, the buyer puts down a small amount of cash as a deposit for the car; this cash deposit should also have a sale receipt with the necessary conditions listed to prevent future disputes.

A private car sale receipt usually registers:

* Seller’s Name & Address

* Vehicle Type

* Vehicle Make & License

* Buyer’s Name & Address

* Date of Transaction

* Time of Transaction

* Venue of Transaction

* Transaction amount

* Transaction reference number

* Agreed Price

* Amount Received

* Purpose

* Acknowledgement

* Signatories

The Acknowledgement section is a declaration from both parties with regards to the sale of the said vehicle, writing off any indemnity on one another. Hence, it is important that both parties especially the buyer has scrutinized all parts of the vehicle before signing the invoice.

The amount received is usually the amount paid to the seller by the buyer as agreed earlier for the vehicle.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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