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Problem Statement Template

Everyone has problems in their lives; some problems are more urgent than others. Problem solving is a skill that all should have but not necessarily acquired by all. Nevertheless, problem solving skill is a great tool that one can be equipped with to overcome problems that may surface in our lives.

If you are unsure of how to solve a problem in your life, you can start off with acquiring some basic problem solving skills. One such skill is to use the problem statement.

A problem statement allows you to write out the current problem or issue on hand for a clearer identification and declaration before working on a solution. Acknowledgement of the problem is very important to solving any problem.

Relevant questions can be posed to direct your thoughts on the disturbing issue that can narrow down the problem on hand; this may even lead to a solution when the right questions are posed.

A problem statement template can have the following components of information:

* Description of current issue

* Date of issue

* Effects from issue

* Controversies

* Status Quo

* De-stabilizing moments

* Theories

* Perceptions

* Consequences

* Resolutions

Writing down your thoughts on the current issue is the best and first step towards solving your problem. When you can read out the problem on hand, you will be more open to receive solutions outside the box. You will have a wider angle of solution.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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