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Product Labels Template

Many businesses require product labels for their products as a means of identification. This is a good practice as a company may have many products to market; hence, there is a need to generate proper product labels to identify each product, no matter how small the product may be.

A product label can be simple with the necessary information such as product name and code. There could even be a barcode included in a product label which allows easy scanning of information for storage and retrieval. In this era of technology, the work process has been enhanced by many electronic and technological tools.

Even a product label can be generated and printed out by the computer. There are many types of software that a business can use to generate the appropriate labels for the products. This will help the company keep track of its stock at any time.

A product label template may have the following components:

* Words

* Colors

* Different fonts

* Sizes

* Pictures

* Shapes

* Lines (as in barcode)

A product label can be printed on sticky paper that can be pasted on each and every product for identification purposes. There is usually an orderly code system for every product for easy referencing, such as <Company Code> <Dept> <Product>. The product label is dependent on the objective of the company. It can be very useful for the company to do stock checks also.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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