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Product Proposal Template

Businesses need products to make sales. Products must be promoted in some way for the public attention and interest to generate sales. Product proposal is one way to generate advertisement of the product. It can be a formal documentation to potential vendors, suppliers, retailers and stakeholders who can assist in promoting and selling the product on your behalf.

You can start a proposal with an executive summary which is just one page encompassing all key ideas. Then you can write the overview of the product and its description of features and functionality.

The product proposal should also describe the background of the product, its benefits and relevance to the market today. There is the important market analysis that is to be included in the product proposal that identifies the market as well as the competition for the same or similar product.

A product proposal can contain the following pieces of information:

* Introduction of Company

* Product title

* Description of product

* Benefits of product

* Proposed Strategic plan

* Product Market analysis

* Resources

* Deliverables

* Design

* Strengths

* Competition

* Costs

A product proposal must be well written to reflect the clear and correct understanding of the product and its deliverables. It must be a sound business plan for the recipient of the proposal to give a favorable response to the proposed product.

All costs must be identified for a clear bottom line profit.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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