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Professional Resume Template

A resume is an important attachment in a job application. A well written resume will make the job applicant stand out amongst the many job applicant hopefuls for a particular vacancy in a company. Hence, a resume must be written well to impress the recipient to be called for an interview and for the job applied.

A professional resume must be prepared in the proper outline with the right structure that is expected by the business arena. It must be printed or prepared on the correct paper size with the right spacing of information structured formally to showcase professionalism.

The fonts and word size must be big enough to be read comfortably. The headings of the resume should be appropriate and line up well with the rest of the document. There may be sub-headings which should be placed in the proper order and manner to enable a good flow of information conveyed to the reader.

A professional resume should list the applicant’s important personal details first before listing his qualifications, skills, expertise, experience, resources and other impressive and related details such as hobbies and interests. There should be no grammatical or sentence construction error. All information regarding the job applicant must also be accurate and true. It makes a great impact with its outstanding credentials.

A professional resume template may display:

* Job applicant’s personal information

* Qualifications

* Work experience

* Skills

* Interests & hobbies

* Achievements

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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