Proposal Templates

Program Proposal Template

There can be many types of program happening by all sorts of parties; businesses, charitable organizations, schools, clubs and communities may want to organize a program with a particular objective.

Hence, it could be that a local authority permit is required to hold the program or that the venue is required for program. Hence, a well written program proposal will be an advantage to the organizers.

A program proposal can be a simple document with the relevant information about the program to be held that includes program objective, services, proposed venue, invited guests, resources, food and beverages, entertainment and costs.

A program proposal template should contain the following information:

* Program organizer’s Name & Address

* Planned program title & objectives

* Proposed program date, time & venue

* Outline of program schedule

* List of Activities

* Budget

* Service charge

* invited guests

* Signatories

The program proposal must be clear in its objective and requirement so that it is self explanatory with no doubts casted upon the recipient. This will give the program a higher chance of securing a favorable response from the recipient of the program proposal. The corresponding budget and schedule for the program must be identified to have a clear idea of how the program will be executed.

The program organizers are to be responsible for all untoward outcomes of the program if it is not handled properly. Hence, good execution must follow on the program proposed.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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