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Project Log Template

Projects are tasks that have a time frame; these tasks can happen in any environment as they are short term activities with some specific objective. For example, a renovation at home or in the office can be a project that has a time frame and cost, which needs to be headed by a committee, or at least an overseer, to ensure that work will be carried out to completion.

Hence, a project log is a good tool for those who have to take up projects, especially if there is more than one project happening at the same time, with the same or overlapping time frames. All the more the project log will prove useful and helpful to monitor the progress of every project recorded in the project log.

Besides the time frame to be locked in to monitor the work in progress stages, the project log can also identify the cost at every stage, total cost, resources (human and others) and actions to be taken along the way.

The project log template usually comprises:

* Project name

* Schedule / expected time frame

* Commencement Date of project

*Stages of project

*Dates of stage commencement and completion

* Project Leader

* Notes

* Section / Stage leader

* Resources required / taken

The project log can be quite simple for simple and straightforward projects where the schedule of the project is most important, whereas more complex projects have stages which may require more complex tools like Gantt charts.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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